Oliver Lerch, Ph.D. is Automated Sample Preparation Product Manager at
GERSTEL in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

State of the Art Automated Sample Preparation for 3-MCPD, MOSH/MOAH, Glyphosate, PEth, and more

April 02, 2020


The subject of this presentation is practical results achieved from comprehensive automation of complex sample preparation workflows for LC/MS and GC/MS. An overview of the most frequently encountered reasons for wanting to automate sample preparation is presented along with the attained benefits in laboratories based on real life cases. An automation platform based on a robotic autosampler with one or two independently moving x-y-z arms is presented along with available modules for a wide range of individual operations.
Using a combination of individual modules for agitation, incubation, centrifugation, and evaporation, liquid/liquid extraction or derivatization procedures can be automated. For extract- or sample clean-up, modules ranging from filtration through centrifugation to solid phase extraction (SPE) are available to meet individual analytical needs. The automation potential of the platform is illustrated based on application examples of widespread current interest. Among these are the determination of 3-MCPD and glycidol in edible oils; glyphosate in food; mineral oil hydrocarbon (MOSH/MOAH) contamination of food; and phosphatidylethanol (PEth), an alcohol consumption marker widely used in forensic toxicology, in this case determined in Dried Blood Spots (DBS).

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