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AppNote 1995-01
Quantification of 4-Heptanone in Urine by Headspace GC-MS Analysis Using a Multipurpose Sampler


AppNote 1994-08
Selective Sample Enrichment of Gaseous Samples using a Cooled Injection System: Trace Determination of Sulphur Components in Natural Gas 
AppNote 1994-07
Design and Evaluation of a Multi Column Switching Capillary GC Analyzer for Automated Simultaneous Analysis of Permanent Gases and Light Hydrocarbons in Natural Gas
AppNote 1994-06
Identification of Furan Fatty Acids in Nutritional Oils and Fats by Multidimensional GC-MSD
AppNote 1994-05
The Use of a Multipurpose Sampler for Headspace GC-MS Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Human Urine 
AppNote 1994-04
Identification of Furan Fatty Acids as Minor Components of Human Lipids by Multidimensional GC-MSD 
AppNote 1994-03
Trace Analysis of PAH's and PCB's in Soil through On-Line Direct Thermal Desorption
AppNote 1994-02
Direct Thermal Analysis of Solids - A Fast Method for the Determination of Halogenated Phenols and Anisols in Cork
AppNote 1994-01
Design, Performance and Applicability of a Multi-Functional Thermal Desorption System for Trace Analysis in Capillary GC