DHSlarge Autosampler

Automated Dynamic Headspace DHSlarge


The DHS can be extended with the DHSlarge module to perform analysis of large or inhomogeneous bulk samples. For example, consumer products, packaging or flooring material can be placed directly in sample containers up to 1L in volume. Sample holders are available for flooring material, eliminating interfering emissions from the edges of the cut sample. Purge periods can be introduced to simulate air exchange conditions in environmental chambers. A series of analyses can be performed on a sample to determine emission behavior over time. DHS operation or DHSlarge operation is selected by mouse-click.

GERSTEL DHSlarge Autosampler

The DHSlarge Autosampler enables unattended analysis of up to 11 samples in containers up to 1L in volume. Series of samples can be analyzed using the PrepAhead function: Sample conditioning and analyte extraction are performed in parallel with GC/MS analysis for best possible productivity and system utilization. Automated screening with the DHSlarge can eliminate tedious, time consuming, and expensive chamber work. Other application areas are determination of volatiles in bulky consumer products or packaging, from which small representative samples cannot
easily be taken.