Making sure that the water we drink or the air we breathe is safe - what more important tasks could you depend on GERSTEL for?  Through the efforts of GERSTEL R&D, our applications team, and scientists like you, GERSTEL has made significant contributions in the area of Environmental Analysis.  Take the time to review the many environmental Applications Notes and referenced articles that illustrate the capabilities of GERSTEL solutions.  You will find one common thread. We enable performance above and beyond what standard instrumentation can do. 

Increased Sample Handling - Productivity

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) is tailored to today’s high throughput GC/MS and LC/MS demands and individually optimized to work with all the key systems currently utilized in this Industry.

Expandability is a given

When purchasing a tool for your laboratory think strategically. GERSTEL solutions are effortlessly upgraded to meet any new challenges you are faced with in the laboratory.  A wide range of sample preparation and analyte concentration techniques are offered by GERSTEL. Many of our techniques are solvent-free, reducing cost and environmental impact and offering occupational health benefits.

GERSTEL Sample Preparation techniques for environmental analysis:

For environmental samples ranging from air to water, soil and sludge, GERSTEL offers a number of sample preparation techniques: