GERSTEL MPS as Headspace Autosampler coupled to an Agilent Technologies GC 7890 with MSD
GERSTEL MPS as Headspace Autosampler
coupled to an Agilent Technologies
GC 7890B with 7010 TripleQuad MS

GERSTEL MPS as Headspace Autosampler

The GERSTEL MPS configured as Headspace Autosampler provides the analyst with a highly productive tool for performing GC Headspace analysis. The MPS is perfectly suited for routine analysis and for R&D applications that demand a higher degree of flexibility. 

Due to the modular concept, the MPS easily adapts to individual requirements in the laboratory:
  • The Cooled Agitator spans a temperature range from 10 °C to 200 °C enabling headspace analysis of thermally labile samples such as foods.
  • Headspace sampling from the tray combined with thermostated trays provides capacity enhancement
  • The Headspace Purge tool enables true MHE analysis and method validation
  • The MPS Agitator Stirrer (AS) operates in agitation mode or in stirring mode using stir bars. Both techniques accelerate the equilibration process prior to headspace sampling, thereby improving throughput and reproducibility. The stirring mode is especially useful for Headspace SPME applications.

Maximum Productivity with GERSTEL MAESTRO PrepAhead

Setup and operation is easily performed using the MAESTRO software. Using the MAESTRO PrepAhead functionality, multiple samples are prepared in advance during GC analysis of the preceding sample. PrepAhead ensures highest possible throughput and system utilization. The overall run-time for a headspace analysis sequence can be reduced significantly.

Maximal Productivity: MAESTRO PrepAhead + GERSTEL MPS as Headspace Autosampler