Our Customers

Analytical laboratories in all branches of science and industry throughout the world use our products for a wide range of interesting applications.
These include:

  • Flavor and fragrance
    Flavors, fragrances, odors and off-odors.
  • Automotive
    Material emissions in car interiors
  • Semiconductor and Electronics
    Emissions from materials used in production, ensuring product quality.
  • Forensic science and criminology
    Revealing fire accelerants and forged documents as well as drug levels and alcohol in body liquids. 
  • Food
    Determining levels of food toxins including mycotoxins and phycotoxins as well as pesticides and drugs used in animal farming.
    Testing packaging materials for solvent migration.
    Identifying off-odors and their sources.
  • Pharmaceutical
    Monitoring Organic Volatile Impurities (OVI) in drugs.
    Testing packaging materials for leaching.
    Identifying off-odors and their sources.
  • Chemicals and polymers
    Basic research, quality control and industrial hygiene.
    Determination of additives; emissions; migration studies; pyrolysis
  • Environmental
    Air, water, sludge and soil analysis.